Found Materials

Before purchasing materials in traditional big box stores or online sources, I peruse garage sales, thrift stores or flea markets for well made and durable vintage or donated items. Every item is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to use in my work.

topaz + green is green for a reason. I try my best to keep reusable and reimaginable material out of the trash and landfills.

Metal Studs

A baggie full of metal studs.

Cedar Wood Planks

I picked up a sealed package of cedar planks. I’m not sure what do to with them. Stain? Pyrography? Paint? I could not leave them behind for $1.49. So, into my craft bin they go!

Vintage Wood Frames

I unearthed a great pair of vintage round wood frames from the thrift closest to the house. I love the durability and substance of the wood. They have some weight, a sign of quality. They have small, finished crevices in the back for hanging, no rough edges and plenty of potential. Though the color is a little too red and quickly ages the frames, a quick sand and stain may be all they need for a new life. Then modern crewel or embroidery pieces to finish.

Mini Air Plant Pod

Periwinkle color mini plant pod.

12.5” length x 2 3/4” wide x 1.5” deep

5 3/4” pod length not including tassel finish.

Finishes include small wood ring for hanging and a wrapped long tassel detail.

Available soon in the shop

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