Am I tired of square knots yet?

I have finished knotting 11 plant pods to date. Six are available in our booth and online, I have 5 to detail, 2 patterns to begin and I’ve cut 4 more pod patterns. All completed pods and every pattern cut to date are for plant pods using just square knots.

You may ask, “Aren’t you sick of square knots yet?”

I restrict myself with this one basic knot because it allows me to focus. I suffer from an attention deficiency. Self diagnosed. If I don’t have a structured & stable starting point, I do not complete projects. I need to have a strong almost perfect foundation aka square knot before I can move forward. So when my focus starts to wane, I can go back to where I feel most confident.

And so far, this has worked. I’ve dabbled in other knots. I’ve finished a few other projects. I do not feel 120% convinced they are quality grade but it’s a learning process. It is not a waste of time and I constantly need to remind myself that. This is all a necessary part of progress.

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