We are just not made for each other.

I was itching to dye cord. The problem was, I didn’t have anymore. At least, not in Vegas where I’m currently based. I made a huge order of cord on 11-11 which is the largest sale day in Asia, particularly AliExpress where I buy cord for dyeing. I ordered it from Vegas to ship in California expecting it to arrive while I was there visiting. Nope. It didn’t make it on time. It was purely my fault though, I had unrealistic expectations for shipments hailing from across the globe.

Enter the solution. I’ve never bought cord locally. I never thought to search for local sources. I limited myself to cord that was readily available from big box craft stores like Michael’s or Joann because I needed cord in a pinch. Though buying cord this way was more expensive.

So I wait for coupons. I’m signed up for the Joann app and I access coupons as they become available. I only purchase cord using 50 or 60% off of the original price. So, I did. These coupons make a huge difference. Instead of $34.99 plus tax, I bought a 400 ft roll of 4mm cord for $18.95 including tax.

The facts.

Cora’s Cotton Craft Cord in 4mm comes in a 400-foot plastic sealed roll. It comes in 2mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm, all rolls in beige color. Each roll costs $34.99 at Joann stores and online.


The material is soft but structured. It keeps its shape while being knotted. It is easy to comb out as tassel fringe since it is a 2-braid variety. Unfortunately, the roll does not unravel in a singular piece; it is cut into 2 long lengths. This was disappointing.

I bought this cord for the sole purpose of dyeing it. I performed my dye process, same process I’ve always done. So, this cord does not soak or absorb dye very well. It doesn’t matter how much dye or how hot my water is. This is the most disappointing part of all. Because of this, I will not be purchasing this cord in the future. In addition, you cannot machine dry this cord. One braid shrinks while the other maintains its length causing it to bunch up. It also unravels and seems to disintegrate as you handle it. The finished dyed cord looks distressed or tie dyed not my preferred result.

I rinsed out the cord prior to a color bath as I do with all my cord but this was by far the worst brand to dye to date. I dyed both lengths twice with boiling water, salt and color retention solution, both ended up looking distressed or tie dyed.

Currently, I’m salvaging the cord length dyed in 3 parts pink / 2 parts blue. My feeble attempt at achieving periwinkle, Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year. The method is wrecking havoc on my hands and is not helping the condition of the cord.

3 parts pink + 2 parts blue + machine dried
3 parts blue + 2 parts pink + air/line dry

In addition to sucking, I’ve also decided 3 mm is my pleasure point. My ideal size in terms of comfort while knotting and the results I prefer to see once my plant pods are completed. This is also the one size Cora’s doesn’t come in, another reason why we are not destined for one another.

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