December 14, 2021

My knotting journey is in its infancy, so I haven’t had much time to experiment with cord. I pick up hobbies like a crazy cat lady takes in strays. So I need to work within a budget and I found the most savings came from ordering cord from AliExpress.

I have mixed feelings about AliExpress. I know many products are knock offs, cheap and poorly made. It is a great source for raw craft material, so I limit my purchases to just that in an effort to find a consistent material and a reliable supplier.

I got lucky. My first order of cord would be one of the best to date.

First, the facts. The cord was listed as 5mm but it’s more like 3mm. It is a 5 braid cord. It came in a bundle of 100 meters equal to 109 yards or 328 feet. I purchased 2 x 100 meters in 2019 for $8.40/each.

The material is soft to the touch but also pliable and doesn’t keep its shape while knotting. It is easy and enjoyable to knot. Depending on the technique and despite its softness you’ll find the finished product will be structured and keeps its shape once completed. The 5-braid nature makes it tedious to comb out tassel fringe finishings. The cord takes dye very well; all the dyed cord originating from this raw material is well saturated, and rich in color. I dyed all 200 meters in various colors; I line dried a majority of the cord and I was particularly surprised to machine dry cord successfully.

This cord is by far the best I’ve worked with. It is very accommodating; performing and succeeding at my every whim.

I recently purchased another 8 x 100 meters in beige. I will dye all 800 meters and likely knot into various sized plant pods.

in coral
in mint green
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