Sustainability as an artist

I cannot stress the importance of sustainability as an artist.

Art is not without creating waste. It is easy to say not to create to avoid waste creation but for many, art isn’t just about aesthetics. Art is my free source of therapy. A quiet, often solitary activity to express a myriad of emotions. The goal isn’t to avoid creating meaningful work but rather to be mindful of the process, abiding by the process every time then make use of what’s left.

I realize macrame is not an exact science, creative outlets rarely are. I have never finished a project that required no finishing. I measure twice before cutting and use larger scraps accordingly but trimmings are a given.

I save larger scraps to make tassels or keychains. If there are more scraps, I’ll repurpose them for other fiber projects like latch hook or mixed media. Smaller pieces or trimmings I use to embed into handmade paper or resin projects.

I reuse a ziplock bag for scraps and separate by size when I’m ready. In the meantime, I continue to collect cord as I finish projects.

It isn’t pretty, too involved or tedious. I find simple processes and tasks are often the best kind. It is easy to replicate time and time again ensuring efficiency and maximum productivity.

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